Why I do what I do:

The artist's job is to help people develop an awareness of our connected reality. I create wearable art as a contribution to our connection to one another. When we examine how cloth is made, we see a connection "unfolding"... Plant or silkworm is connected to weaver and mill. Weaver and mill is connected to seamstress. Seamstress, weaver and mill are connected to marketplace, and so forth; until cloth finds it's home with someone... Using juxtapositions of color, line, texture and shape; the artist reveals an alternative viewpoint.. Like an open window letting in fresh air, we breathe in our connection to the beauty in the world. While realizing beauty, people transform their attitude in a positive way. Thinking positively, each person then contributes to a collective civilized mindstream. In this way, art is an urgent necessity.

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